Zoku™ Intelligent Sleeping Aid

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I struggle with insomnia and now that I have this to help with sleeping I actually look forward to going to sleep because it works so well. 

Misty Crawford - Verified Customer

 Fight Insomnia & Anxiety

This Zoku™ Intelligent Sleeping Aid helps sleep massage instruments, which massages the palm of the hand by micro-current, allowing us to increase attention and reduce anxiety, and make people feel relaxed,promote sleep using Electrotherapy Stimulation that is scientifically proven.

Quit Your Mind,

Calm Your Body

✔️ Fall asleep FAST

✔️ Slow your pulse, catch your breath

✔️ Reduce stress & muscle tension




➤ Simple and stylish, small and exquisite,easy to carry.

➤ Calm the mind.

➤ Regulate mood, relieve anxiety and stress, and promote sleep.

➤ Moderately relieve headaches and help you eliminate stress, anxiety, and sleep problems.

➤ USB charging to avoid the hassle of buying batteries

Helping You Find Quality Sleep is Our #1 Priority!

Deep, Quality Sleep Accomplishes 2 Things:

  • Restore & Rejuvenate brain health—have better memory retention, learning habits, and emotional stability 
  • Improve Physical Health—speed up the process of tissue regeneration, bone & muscle development, and allow your immune system to work tirelessly through the night

The Stressors of Life Make Quality Sleep Hard to Come by.

  • Mental and emotional hurdles, situational stress, the tension in relationships, poor diet, and minimal exercise will leave your body in a constant state of restlessness with no relief
  • Sleep solutions that have to be ingested, and other habit-forming remedies may help you drift off quickly but will actually prevent you from reaching deep REM Sleep. 

Zoku™ Intelligent Sleeping Aid Enhances Purely Restorative Sleep

It utilizes Electrotherapy Pulse Stimulation to optimize sleep patterns to ensure deep, REM sleep every night.

Helps you wind down quicker without inducing a habit-forming need; train your brain to sleep better on its own!

Enhances overall health with Electrotherapy Stimulation that has been shown to stabilize the symptoms of mental and emotional struggles

How Does The Zoku™ Intelligent Sleeping Aid Work?

Through Neurotransmitter!

As the chemical messengers that influence and connect all of your nerve cells together, your neurons have the ability to soothe or excite your entire body, head to toe.

The electronic waves pulsing from the Chill Pill send the message that it's time to relax, let the tension melt away, and drift off to sleep. 

How To Use The Zoku™ Intelligent Sleeping Aid Work?

  1. Put the front of the product completely on the palm of your hand.
  2. Turning the top button away from OFF is the low-frequency decompression mode, which is recommended for left-handed use.
  3. Pressing M again is the high-frequency encouragement mode, which is recommended for the right hand.
  4. Power to the right increases, power to the left decreases
  5. Turn the top button to OFF to shut down.

Expectation from Zoku™ Intelligent Sleeping Aid 


Sleeping aid might not send you straight to sleep.

The pulses are working to establish calming neural pathways in your body, helping your natural circadian rhythm readjust to a proper bedtime. You may begin to feel less tension throughout your body and have an easier time winding down a couple of uses.

A little queasiness during sessions? Totally normal. Turn the pulse intensity down and shorten your sessions until your body can find the same time to adjust. It is important to stay consistent.


Your body should begin winding down around the same time each night, as long as you are sticking to a routine of starting your sleeping aid session about 20-30 minutes before you want to sleep. With each use, whether for anxiety or sleep, your body should find its resting state quicker and quicker.


If needed, you can begin using the sleeping aid at different times of the day and still see consistent results. Pulse therapy has established habitual patterns that tell your body it is safe and necessary to calm itself when the device is on.


If you have stayed consistent with the sleeping aid, stimulating the same pressure points should begin to give you a calming state no matter the issue; insomnia, general anxiety, sensory overload, the list goes on. You now have a reliable sleeping aid ready to help you relax any time of the day.

1 x Sleeping Aid

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Use Manual


Condition: 100% Brand New

Item Type: Holding Sleep Instrument

Material: ABS+stainless steel

Mode: Sleep Aid / Inspiration

Power Supply Mode: USB Charging

Battery Capacity: 500mAh

Input Voltage: DC 5V/1A

Working Power: 0.5w

Endurance Time: 20 Hours

Suggested Use Time: 20 Minutes

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