Zoku™ Car Window Sunshade



Where I work, I have to park in an open lot. With leather seats, it can get really toasty in my car on hot days. When I saw these sunshades, I decided to try them out. It’s been my best buy yet. I’ll be getting a second set for the other vehicle. . Rodger- Verified Customer

Safe odor-free material

Under high-temperature exposure, it does not produce a bad smell. Safe and high-quality materials.

Effectively reflects sunlight
The compound titanium silver glue with a good heat dissipation effect can effectively reduce the temperature inside the car.


🌞 Thermal insulation + Sun protection -This car windshield sunshade umbrella uses high-quality aluminum foil material to block a lot of heat and reflect sunlight, which can effectively reduce the temperature inside the car and prevent damage and aging of the car interior. 

🌞 Easy to fold + Easy to store - This car windshield sun blocker is time-saving and convenient, ready to use, non-destructive installation, small storage volume after folding (with a storage bag), can be placed on the side of the car door and the central storage box to save space and easy storage. This car sun umbrella is convenient for daily use and is the ideal sunshade accessory for cars in summer!

🌞 Environmentally friendly material + No damage to car trims - This sunshade for car windshield cover is heat and heat resistant, preventing damage from direct sunlight. Under the conditions of sunlight and high temperature, the car windshield visor sunshade will not emit odors and harmful gases, keep the air in the car fresh, and ensure green travel. The unique design of wrapped umbrella beads does not damage the car interior and paint, and is non-destructive to installation and use.


1. The car sunshade for windshield umbrella foldable has a window breaker(emergency hammer), which can quickly break the window in an emergency and provide you with a safe driving environment. 

2. Wrapped umbrella stand will not damage the car interior and paint. 

3. Sunshades for car windshield blocks can be used on sunny and rainy days. Very convenient!


1 x Zoku™ Car Sun Visor 


  • Name: Universal retractable sunshade curtain
  • Large size: about 79*145cm 
  • Small size: about 65*125cm
  • Material: aluminum film
  • Applicable models: General
  • Product manual: Strong sunlight comes straight in from the side window, not only glare, affecting driving, unbearable, high temperature will damage the interior of the car, suction cup type absorbing sunshade curtain cloth, easy to use.


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