Zoku™ Portable Coffee Filter

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This is a perfect camping necessity! It is compact and easy to use. I tried using this on multiple coffee mugs to see how the filter fit on each one. I love it! I now can use ground coffee and not instant coffee while camping.  Sahar- Verified Customer



A Better Everyday One Cup at a Time

Have you had coffee or tea today? Statistically, you most likely have. In fact, these hot brews are the most consumed beverages in the world next after water. They’re a part of life that can give a silver lining to any moment. The ritual of the pour-over is like a meditation: There’s no machine in your way, no flashing green lights, no electric power cord. Just you and a few simple tools. The final Cup is reminiscent of one from a drip coffeemaker, but noticeably more delicate and complex. Observe the bloom, experience the first trace of coffee-drunk steam, notice how the spiral of the pour alters the final cup. This Zoku™ Portable Coffee Filter gets you in tune with your coffee in a simple experience.


We present the Zoku™ Portable Coffee Filter. From your home to anywhere!

There is nothing better than the famous morning/afternoon coffee. However, many obstacles can appear, such as: Not having that expensive machine from the company; making a lot of coffee and ending up wasting; not having a filter that fits in several glasses and cups; making that dirt with sludge and paper filters.

Do not worry! Now you can make your delicious coffee as and where you are. Zoku™Portable Coffee Filter have the right solution for you!



Double Layer Design: The double-layer micro-mesh design allows you to achieve the precise taste of coffee with no clogging and fewer sediments compared to ordinary papers. With the heat resistant handle, you can hold the filter with ease.

High Durability: unlike filter papers that can accidentally break easily, this pour-over coffee dripper is made of 304 stainless steel and hot resistant ABS resin, guaranteeing high durability.

Heat Resistant Handle: This pour-over coffee dripper provides a secure and easy-to-grip handle to prevent burns or heat exposure when pouring with hot water.

Portable Design: If you love the outdoors such as camping, beach, backpacking, or travel, this small size coffee maker will be the best choice for you to carry with. Its compact foldable design allows it to easily fit into any cup for easy storage.

Easy to Clean: Once done using the coffee brewer, rinse it quickly by hand and immediately use again for another flavor; since it is a reusable coffee strainer made from stainless steel and ABS resin, it is better quality than plastic, ceramic or glass coffee filters, it saves you money not buying paper coffee filters. 

When it comes to coffee, the best is always your way! When and where you want! Make your coffee with practicality and enjoy the incomparable flavor of Zoku™ Portable Coffee Filter


We also count on the incredible technology that allows us to have a coffee double filtered by the fine stainless steel lines. And that's not all! Our filter is easy and quick to clean.

It brings the benefits of saving paper filters, we have the versatility of the wonderful universe of coffee and also the incredible aromas of teas.


1 X Coffee Filter Cup



  • Material: Stainless Steel 304, ABS Resin
  • High: 28.7 Inches/73mm
  • Filter Cup Diameter:75mm/29.5 Inches
  • Diameter with Supporter:118mm/46.5 Inches
  • Weight: 50g
  • Capacity: 1-2 Cups
  • Compatibility: Fits Securely Most Cups
  • Cleaning Guide: Dishwasher Safe or Hand Washable ( In order to prevent any scratch, please secured the filter  when using a dishwasher


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