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Voted #1 Dermatologist Beauty Product 2020


“The Zoku ozone mist steamer is unreal, it supported the breakouts I was getting on my face, my doctor told me I needed to give it a deeper clean and hydrate, so I invested in this machine and to say the least I feel confident again” 
- Laura C - Verified customer


 Keep Skin Moisture and Smooth all the time at the comfort of your Home

The Benefits Women Are Loving ❤️

  • ✅Deep Moisturizing: the machine produced 20 degrees large number of low-temperature ion absorption and penetration of the skin, giving the best skin moisturizing. with Ozone ionization technique, oxygen ions spray directly underlying skin, bringing moisture to the skin to bring back youthfulness

  • ✅ Promote Absorption: Activation hydrophilic cells not only to supply skin moisture, supplementary moisture of skin, also Soften the cuticle and improve the absorbency of skin to make our skin absorb enough nutrition 
  • ✅ Skin Regeneration: Accelerate the Regeneration of Collagen to Restore Delicate and Smooth Skin
  • ✅ Brightening Whitening: Help to accelerate blood circulation and strengthens skin tissue metabolism, eliminating flare and lightening dark spots to make your skin more bright and beautiful
  • ✅ Reduce Wrinkles: Promote collagen regeneration, reduce wrinkles, making the skin restoration to smooth and meticulous
  • ✅ Anti Inflammatory: Ozone and Steam has the function of generating ions, it can open up the skin pores which can deep clean the skin to promote the skin micro circulation, It can also sterilize the skin from bacteria.

Introducing Zoku™ Ozone Facial Steamer, a Professional Facial Steamer Hot Mist Face Spray Tool. It producing particle hot mist that can easily permeate the skin and make epidermic cells softened and expanded. 

Zoku™ Ozone Facial Steamer can open pores and eliminate the deep level filth, suppressing the excessively secreted sebum and enable the skin to breathe freely, produce more smooth and delicate skin. 

Zoku™ Ozone Facial Steamer has the effect of sterilization, killing epiphyte, prevent skin from suffering disease and inflammation. Zoku™ Ozone Facial Steamer can improve regeneration of skin collagen and activate hydrophilic factor so as to moisturize skin and make it tender, smooth, white and transparent.


  • FACIAL SPRAY STEAMERcombines the steam beauty and essential oil skin care,Improve blood circulation and metabolism.
  • OZONE IONIZATION TECHNIQUEoxygen ions spray directly underlying skin, bringing moisture to the skin.
  • 【POWER DOWN PROTECTIONsafety water level setting, it will automatically power off on the situations of pass or under water level
  • ADVANCED PTC HEATING TECHNOLOGY】over temperature and dry- boiling can be prevented.
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATING NOZZLEallows you to enjoy the spa at any angle,you can add your favourite essential oils to achieve different good effects

  • ULTRA SILENCE DESIGN】 you can use it while your are sleeping

  • SIMPLE BUTTONuser-friendly, professional for use at home, spa, and beauty salon.


  1. Plug the power cable into the home power socket.
  2. Slide the power switch upward. At this time, the blue light can be seen from the spray outlet, and the steam will be given off after about 40 seconds. When the fuselage starts to release steam, it may spatter some hot water, which is normal
  3. Steam Care:
  • Only use distilled water or pure water.
  • Keep the distance at least 20cm/7.87\" from the edge of the nozzle to your face when using the steamer. To ensure that steam covers your whole face, aim it at the top of your chin.
  • Power on for about 40 seconds, there will be steaming. The time and amount of the Steam is the faster than the Similar Products.
  • When the water is insufficient, the steam will be changed, which is normal. If the water in the water tank is used up, the steam outlet will not give off the steam. Please turn off the power switch. Wait the water tank cooling for more than 10 minutes, add the water.
  • Please throw the water after cooling to avoid burning or injure yourself.
  • Power OFF: Slide down the power switch and turn off the power. After steam care, need to maintenance work, if not timely care,your skin will be dry.


  1. Clean once a month and wipe off the dust on the power plug with a dry cloth.
  2. If the seal cover of the water cover drop out, please push the middle part of the water cover with your index finger. While turning the seal lid with your fingers, keep the water lid floating so that it fits up and down with seal lid.


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